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Created on 2011-05-04 05:38:11 (#886812), last updated 2011-08-31 (320 weeks ago)

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Name:Fornax Special Edition
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Xeno for the far-future spacefaring masses! Mass Effect alien porn mag.
Xeno for the far-future spacefaring masses! Fornax Special Edition is a community lovingly named after the Mass Effect in-game alien porn mag Fornax, and is intended to provide a place to encourage alien-lovin' art and fic set in the Mass Effect universe. No discrimination against humans is intended-- we're all alien to somebody, so let's celebrate... and emphasize... some interesting differences! Bring your weird! Your weird is welcome here. Want to explore really nonhuman mating customs, seductive poses, and ideals of beauty? Please do!

Interests (31):

ais, alien hotness, artificial intelligence, asari, biotics, carapaces, cockpits, cultural exchange through sharing porn, drell, edi, elcor, enkindlers, fornax, hanar, hot aliens, humans, keepers, krogan, mass effect fields, mouthparts, n7, quarians, salarians, sexy pdas, special tasks group, spectres, tentacles, turians, vorcha, xeno, xenobiology
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